Josefine S | Shakarchi


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Mixing both influences from techno and house, served with or without bread.

If the dancefloor was a puppetshow the Shakarchi brothers know exactly which strings to pull to create unforgettable euphoria.

Influenced rhythms and melodies from middle-east and Africa makes their style unique and they have been using it to shape the Gothenburg nightlife for almost a decade. A surreal fusion between Iraq and Sweden.

Their experiences are scrambled moments from, playing at Way out West, Hultsfreds-festivalen, Port Du Soleil, internationally and their own club SOIC. The older brother Faik even got himself a Grammy-nominée a couple of years back.

Josefine S

Josefine S is a Gothenburg based DJ with 8 years of experience in the electronic dance music club scene.

For the past years she has focused more on the underground stage. Her sound is groovy with lots of surprises and she labels herself as somewhere in between tech-house, minimal and techno.