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NORDSTRØM has quickly found herself as part of vibrant music scene in Gothenburg. She is a resident DJ and one of the creative forces at the Gothenburg based collective The Living Room. Her signature style can best be described as driving & hypnotic characterized by a steady -to-the-floor kick with tons of groovy and dubby baselines and trippy micro melodies.
She has previously played at clubs like Block8, Skyddsrum, Technovember, EQUUS, Tresolár, Lost in the woods, Yaki-Da, Ivan’s Pilsnerbar, Circus Paralello, Forest Star Festival, We Fly Wild festival, and so on.

Name that one track and artist that inspired you to pursue a future as a dj?

This is probably the hardest question for a DJ to answer in my opinion, laughs. Music is a constant source of inspiration, there are many influential tracks and artists to mention here. It is hard to pinpoint one single track but if I have to I would say Peter Van Hoesens ‘Face of smoke’ 2015 edit. I heard this track at one of my first raves around that time and have continued to listen to it ever since as it reminds me of how I totally fell in love with this vast underground sound. Another source of inspiration to mention that I am currently obsessed with is ‘Hypnotic Influences 285 hz’, by DESNA. She is such an inspiration as a female producer making hard hitting driving techno – with high vibrational frequencies to serve as therapy. This is true sound healing for me.

If you could time travel to any era to experience the music scene, which era would you choose?

80’s Detroit, no doubt.

What is your process for selecting tracks for a particular set, and how do you read the crowd to know what to play next?

I almost never prepare a set tracklist in order to keep the flexibility working with the floor. Maybe just setting a few notes or tracks to set the tone or a vibe’ depending on the club at hand. I tend to focus my gaze at that one single person with their eyes closed, feeling the music in their soul, study how the body moves in great detail and what sound in the particular song their system interacts with and then use that as a tool for my next track selection and pick up on that particular detail – creating that hypnotic mesmerizing beautiful dance journey with them.



Friday 3rd June we’ve got the mythical Alex Angelin known for creating an extraordinary vibe, a sort of controlled chaos with a lot of intimacy and energy.

What is your go-to track for getting the party started??

It depends on the evening and kind of which mood i’m in. But one song stuck in my head at the moment is Mihai Popoviciu – Immensity. Amazing song!

What is the most memorable moment you have experienced during a live set?

I don’t like to lock myself into a genre. For me, techno is very broad. I get a lot of my inspiration from Ibiza in general – where I go every year – and the Music On concept in particular.

How do you keep your set fresh and exciting for yourself and the crowd each night?

Marco Carola.
A living legend within the scene. I love his unique style when it comes to mixing. He doesn’t produce much music anymore, but if there’s any music catalog I want to come across, it’s his.