Our Code
of conduct


  • Dance to the beat and forget the world!
  • Keep the moment alive – no phones on the dance-floor.
  • NO flash photography – the strobe lights are enough.
  • Respect personal space – give everyone enough room to dance.
  • Don’t fake a life – we want you as you are!
  • Respect others’ space on the dance-floor.
  • Apologize if you accidentally bump into someone – blame it on the beat.
  • Let the DJ do their thing – no song requests.
  • Have fun and let loose – no need to take yourself too seriously.
  • Hydrate often – it’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Show off your moves, but don’t judge others for their rhythm.
  • Let it all out – the immersion is the goal.


  • No discrimination – diversity is our strength.
  • Zero tolerance for violence, aggression, or harassment – peace, love, and music.
  • No dress code but we like strong expressions and that you make an effort.
  • Not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages  – we got you covered with a flawless bar. 
  • No vandalism or damage allowed. Respect the venue and keep it clean.
  • Follow the security staff directions – they’re here to keep the vibe positive.
  • Be considerate of others – music is all about unity and inclusivity.
  • No selling or promoting illegal substances – music is our drug.
  • No weapons or harmful items allowed – Let’s focus on the music and the dancing.
  • Respect artists and their performances – they’re the ones making you move.
  • No loud or offensive behavior – let the bass do the talking.
  • No drugs or smoking – the only high you need is the music.
  • 21+ with valid ID – we don’t want to get in trouble with the law.
  • No unauthorized distribution of promotional materials.

Any violation will result in immediate removal – let’s keep the music utopia intact. Respect the music and each other.