Black Coffee b2b Mochakk vibing as hell to MEERA’S track GREVLING (Video from Hï Ibiza 2023, Mochakk Instagram)

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How do you keep your set fresh and exciting for yourself and your dancefloor?

Constantly being on the lookout for new music, exploring different kinds of music, and making new edits for myself! i don’t like the idea of being pigeonholed, so switching things up often and blending whatever music I’m into at the moment in my sets is super important to me.

What are your top 3 favorite tracks to play at the moment

&me – as above as below (underrated b-side imo)

Tripolism, Nandu, Radeckt – dope dance
(if you follow any dj atm you’ve probably heard this, these guys are incredible)

Meera – Sykkelkurv tihi:3

If you could time travel to any era to experience the music scene, which era would you choose?

Honestly I love this era, but maybe the mid to late 60’s! I love the aesthetic, the music in general was so special, and electronic music was becoming more integrated. it seemed like a time of pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo and i’d love to have been there for it.

Meera grew up with house music blaring from her dad’s basement. Being surrounded by DJing – it wasn’t long till she tried her hand at it in 2013 and fell in love. Meera has always been an all-embracing soul and her DJing and productions is an expression of that. Blending afrohouse and latin rhythms with deep house grooves, janky lead instruments, and rich enveloping pianos.

In 2023 she released her debut single “Music For Humans” which immediately found it’s way on the setlists of DJs like Black Coffee, &Me, and Jimi Jules, to name a few. And her followup is already making the rounde, making 2023 an exciting start to a blossoming Meera.


Ito Cekaj & Rasange

How do you prepare your music for a club like Surrounded?

All our preparations look the same, we want to express ourselves in our music but we still want it to fit the crowd and the club. So we start weeks beforehand, collecting old and new stuff that might fit the groove, feeling and idea for the night. If it fits – let’s go, otherwise we’ll make an edit out of it anyway.

How do you balance playing your own material versus other artists’ tracks during a live set?

Our artistic view of a crowd is to see them move and place them inside the journey that we want, if that includes our tracks that’s amazing, if not – maybe next time.

Can you describe your workflow or creative process when working on a remix?

As most people know, creativity can come out of anything. So starting a new track, especially a remix, creativity can spark from anything. Whether it’s messing around with a vocal, a drum loop or a synth. From there. it’s just having as much fun as possible, “You want some jazz-claps with that groove?” – Yes please.

Ito Cekaj & Rasange are two rising melodic techno artists originating out of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Having gained traction and attention in the electronic music scene. Releasing on such labels as ‘Eye and Eye’ ‘Suah Records’ as well as their own imprint ‘Trusted Tracks’.

Over the years they have developed their sound between both lush atmospheric melodic techno to rhythm-filled, tribal influenced melodic techno, amassing over 700 000 streams as well as support from dj’s in the likes of: Malandra jr. Dj Ruby, Mark Tarmonea and more.

They blend their styles of raw, rhythmic and experimental with beautiful atmospheres, chords and melodies, always striving to evolve their sound to bring their listeners something new each time.


They have been featured on ‘Tomorrowland‘ Official ‘One World Radio‘ and ‘Techno US Top 20‘ as well as having multiple EPs to reach the top 10 of the Beatport Techno charts. Their music has also been supported by big artists in the industry, further cementing his position as a rising artist in the techno scene. Ito Cekaj & Rasange are two of the founders of Trusted Tracks and Ae:rial.