Moojo | Shakarchi

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"We rise by lifting others"



2022 saw Moojo dominate the airwaves with a non-stop stream of chart topping releases.

The Calamar Records Crew boss has left a massive imprint on the Afro scene with his productions receiving heavy rotation from tastemakers across the underground and mainstream. In 2023 he is becoming one of the scene’s most in demand selectors.

He began his music career at the age of 14, DJ and music producer Julien Passeron is well versed with the ins and outs of how the music industry works. 

Calamar Records is a community of friends who shares the same vision of music and life. It defines a lifestyle where music, art, can be expressed by talented artists with creativity as the only barrier.

Based in Hong kong and created by a small family of French DJs, the Label is born from the common need of freedom in creation and release of music, to share emotions and positive vibes with the world their own way, with the respect of values who define them.


Mixing both influences from techno and house, served with or without bread.

If the dancefloor was a puppetshow the Shakarchi brothers know exactly which strings to pull to create unforgettable euphoria.

Influenced rhythms and melodies from middle-east and Africa makes their style unique and they have been using it to shape the Gothenburg nightlife for almost a decade. A surreal fusion between Iraq and Sweden.

Their experiences are scrambled moments from, playing at Way out West, Hultsfreds-festivalen, Port Du Soleil, internationally and their own club SOIC. The older brother Faik even got himself a Grammy-nominée a couple of years back.

warm up party at nep


This daytime party is for the ones who are looking for a special experience. SURROUNDED strongly recommend that you attend! From 2 PM until midnight you will have five carefully selected DJs that will guide you musically, all in their own unique way. Together we can expect the same feeling of experimental musical freedom as NEP always promote.

Of course with a touch of clear skies, sunshine and a light summer breeze. 

Bring your swimsuit, soak up the sunshine, and enjoy some mouth-watering food from the grill and colourful drinks from the bar. Don’t forget to put on your best dancing shoes 🙂