Magnus Nylander|Arkajo

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Although a self-proclaimed slacker Magnus Nylander is without a doubt one of Gothenburg’s most dedicated underground forces. As part of the duo spearheading the Über/Tzar organization he has continuously put out events widely for a decade considered as being in a league of their own. And with international bookings such as Jeff Mills, Dax J, Sammy Dee, Janina, Cap and many more, it has become impossible not to think of Über/Tzar as an integral part of Sweden’s club scene machinery.

What is your secret to keeping the dance floor packed all night long?

I always try to get into the party mood myself and always aiming to get some kind of flow with the mixing and selection of music! And it is also good advice to bring a good friend with you that can be your booth-bitch and set the party vibe.

If you could play a set in any unusual location, where would it be and why?

I have seen a really cool platform that is attached under the Älvsborg bridge here in Gothenburg. I always though that it would be amazing to through a party there!

If you had to choose one song to represent your entire career, what would it be?

This is tricky, but I think it’s ”Delicious Inc. – Eau De Chanté – For Men” Many good memories with this track!.



Stellar surfer and sound sculpting virtuoso Arkajo is already well known for his work with Dorisburg in one-of-a-kind house duo Genius of Time. With his background in jazz composition, live performance and behind the scenes studio work, he is equal parts producer, musician, DJ, and technological wizard. A keen understanding of sound, rhythm and harmony is evident on his releases as well as in his DJ sets, locking your body in rhythm and exploring distant vistas in your mind.

What is your most cherished piece of DJ equipment and why?

In terms of DJ-equipment I guess it would be the records in my vinyl collection. They are the very definition of my style as a DJ and the foundation to any of my sets.

If you could perform a DJ set in any unconventional location, where would it be?

Definitely on a space shuttle.

If you could collaborate with any producer from a different genre, who would it be and why?

I would love to work together with Dave Friddman at some point. He has produced some of my favourite records and has a really unique sound that is both hi-fi and punk at the same time.